Our Public Seminar Series

Our public seminars are a series of whole – day seminars about Accounting, Taxation and other relevant laws open to the public and businesses. The objective of these seminars is to keep the accountants, lawyers, businessperson, teachers, professors, consultants and others informed and updated about the particular topics.

Some of the topics offered are as follows:

  • Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Revised Corporation Code and Latest SEC Issuances
  • Taxation of Real Estate Dealer, Developer, and Lessor
  • Local Taxation and Real Property Taxes
  • The Essentials of Income Tax and ITR Preparations
  • Taxability and Exemption of Non-Stock Non-Profit Corporations, Associations and Cooperatives
  • All about the Laws and Procedures of BOC
  • All about Employee’s Withholding Tax and Fringe Benefits Tax
  • TRAIN Law and latest BIR Implementing Issuances
  • Strategies in Handling Tax Enforcement, Assessment and Collection
  • Common Errors of Accountants in the field of Taxation
  • The ABCs of Expanded Withholding Tax and Final Withholding Tax
  • Street smart Understanding Value Added Tax and other Percentage Tax
  • The Essential Law and Taxation on Sale, Donation and Succession (Death)
  • Latest Issuances for Effective Tax Compliance and Interpretation of Tax Laws New BIR Issuances and Latest Court Decisions.